Welcome To The Port Royal Yacht Club

We are a friendly, casual, fun-loving group devoted to both social and boating activities.

PRYC Purpose and Corinthian Spirit

Purpose: PRYC declares as its purpose the promotion of yachting and its traditions, responsible seamanship, camaraderie, and the Corinthian Spirit among its members and the surrounding community.

Corinthian Spirit: The Corinthian Spirit is the code through which we judge our actions and gauge our decisions on the racecourse and in our club activities. Sailing is a self-governed sport where each competitor must possess a high moral standard and personal code of ethics in order to have a fair race. The Corinthian spirit is a law greater than ourselves that maintains the underlying foundation for sailboat racing as well as the way in which competitors choose to live their lives.

PRYC Upcoming Events and News

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Upcoming Events

  • September 16-18, 2022 – BeachLife Ranch Festival
  • September 17, 2022 – California Coastal Cleanup
  • September 30 – October 2, 2022 – Fall Isthmus Cruise
  • October 15, 2022 – Octoberfest
  • October 21, 2022 – PRYC Fall Fishing Tournament
  • October 29, 2022 – Halloween Party
  • November 24, 2022 – Orphans Thanksgiving
  • December 3, 2022 – Election and Tree Decorating
  • December 11, 2022 – 3rd Annual PRYC Cooking Exchange and Christmas Bazaar
  • December 24, 2022 – Christmas Eve Party
  • December 31, 2022 – New Year’s Eve Party